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What is HBO?

HBO is a 24-hour, commercial-free premium movie channel that offers the best of Hollywood. With exclusive licensing deals with major Hollywood studios like Warner Bros., Columbia/TriStar, Paramount, and Universal, HBO is able to bring blockbuster movies first on television to Asia. In addition, HBO also offers a range of HBO Originals including award-winning series, movies and documentaries that are produced exclusively for the HBO channel.

How do I sign up for HBO Movie Schedules, Synopses or e-newsletters via email?

You can sign up for HBO mailing lists here.

I've changed my email address. How do I update my profile to continue receiving Movie Schedules, Synopses and e-newsletters from HBO?

First, unsubscribe the old email address here. Then, subscribe the new email address to the mailing list here.

I wish to cancel my subscription for the HBO mailing lists. How do I do that?

You can unsubscribe from the various mailing lists here.

I have signed up for the Movie Schedules, Synopses and e-newsletters, but why haven't I received them?

Your email client may have identified these HBO mailers as spam and directed them to your Junk/Bulk Mail folder. To ensure that you receive these HBO mailers in your Inbox, please add [email protected] to your email address book.

Our email system sends out the Movie Schedules, Synopses, and e-newsletters at the end of every month or week. Should the first attempt in sending the schedules and synopses be unsuccessful, the system will try re-sending over the next 24 hours. Any subsequent unsuccessful attempts will result in your particulars being deleted from our database.

Therefore, if you are not receiving schedules and/or synopses, kindly re-register your email address. If re-registration still does not work, please contact us.

How do I check if a particular movie is being shown on HBO?

You can use the "Search HBO" feature found on the top right corner of the HBO website. Type in the movie title and the search results will display the movie if it is available.

If there aren't any showtimes listed, this may mean that the movie is not scheduled to air within the next 2 months. Do visit the HBO website regularly for updates, and sign up for the HBO newsletter to receive the latest news and highlights.

When is the new season of my favorite Series coming to HBO?

Do visit the HBO website regularly for updates, and sign up for the HBO newsletter so you'll never miss your favorite Series or movie on HBO!

Why are there several playdates for a movie?

Such is the benefit of watching movies on cable channels such as HBO. The movies are scheduled at different timings so that you will get another opportunity to watch it even if you missed the premiere of the movie.

How do I subscribe to HBO?

The HBO service is made available through the respective cable operators in each country.Click here to find out the contact details of your nearest cable operator.

How can I get video tapes/DVDs of your programmes on HBO?

To purchase video tapes/DVDs of our HBO Originals, please log onto For movies shown on HBO, you may wish to check with your local video store or major online retailers for help in this area.

How can I find out the title or singer of a song from a programme shown on HBO?

You could catch the end credits of the programme when it next plays on HBO. As we do not have a record of song titles or singers in our database, you could also check out movie websites or websites of music retailers like HMV or Borders.

How can I get a job at HBO?

If you are interested in working for HBO Asia based in Singapore, please send your resume to:

HBO Asia's Human Resources Department
151 Lorong Chuan
#04-05 New Tech Park Singapore 556741